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Missing home.

Missing home.

By the sea!
Custom Icy by Yimbita.

By the sea!

Custom Icy by Yimbita.

Wanna play with me?

"Hello, sweetheart…"


"Wanna play with me?"


"I promise I’ll be good…"


"Don’t you want, sure?"


"… Then you better run for your life."


Amy, custom Basaak zombie

Custom work (concept, faceup and scars): SweetMemories58. Custom #3.

Clothing: SweetMemories58

Eyechips: Sabparos in Etsy

Our two new girls, projects for new customs.

Our two new girls, projects for new customs.



~*[Day at the Big Top]*~ Taboo and Riddley (Migidoll Ryu, Dollstown Rian)

After a long day at work, Taboo and Riddley decided to roam the streets of the Carnival district (most likely stirring up trouble!)
Taboo (MD Ryu) belongs to me and Riddley (DT Rian) belongs to my sister, Morbidollz ^_^

Awww yey!! What an awesome shoot!! I love these guys!

(vía aurkai)


Commission for a large stone pond with 9 koi fish, one frog, two turtles, and water lilies.


  • The pond base was sculpted from polymer clay and is 6” at the widest part.
  • The koi fish, frog, turtles, water lilies, and lily pads were handmade with polymer clay.
  • The water is a clear resin.
  • The substrate is sand with real rocks and moss for underwater plants.
  • The rocks around the outside were placed individually by hand and glow in the dark (which I forgot to take a picture of :( ).
  • This piece took around 5 days to complete, plus a day of resin curing.
  • Commissions are closed until August. I am open to making more ponds like these when they reopen!

(vía allthesmallthingsminiatures)